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There is now a list of tags in the right sidebar (cleverly hidden under “tags”) and each post displays the tags used to classify it. Enjoy. 🙂

LiveJournal Syndication

I’ve added a feed on LiveJournal for this blog called ourrecipes_rss.  If you add that to your friends list, you should be able to get notifications of new posts there.  (If you want to add this to another RSS reader, the URL is feed:// .)


I’ve added the veggie, vegan and GF tags and used them where appropriate on the last post, but as you’ll note it doesn’t show them or show “tags” on the right bar.  I have to head out in a short while, so I won’t get a chance to look at it just yet, but maybe Erin can use her WordPress-fu to add that to this theme, or we could find another food-focused theme that has better tag support?  It’d be handy to be able to find all the veggie mains or gluten-free desserts.

Hey, everyone!

You probably received a new user notification in your e-mail.  Hopefully you didn’t just junk it!  (I guess not if you’re reading this.)  I was sitting around with these two recipes in my pocket wondering where I should store them.  I have a recipes folder on the file server and a recipes folder in my e-mail, and a “my recipe box” on allrecipes and, and, and.  Oh, and thats not to mention the binders and piles of paper in the kitchen.

The problem is that I use the recipes in a wide variety of locations, and most of those aren’t available everywhere.  The ones that are are often only available to *me* everywhere.

It occurred to me that if I made a recipes blog that we could all post to and I made us all admins so that we could all add categories and tags, it might be beneficial to us all.

I’ll start off with a couple of recipes.  I may not always be good at judging what is and isn’t gluten-free, so if people want to edit my posts to add the GF tag if they look gluten-free, feel free.

Oh, and for sure let me know what you think!